• Wounds reduce the player's effective health and cannot be healed by Life Potions or most other form of HP recovery. They are displayed in the life bar as black.
  • Wounds are inflicted based on the attacker's Injury rate of the Damage dealt and the target's Protection stat.
  • All Magic, Alchemy, and Puppetry Skills, as well as Counterattack and Windmill will never cause wounds.
  • The maximum amount of wounds the player can have is 100% of their life.
  • Wounds are healed by the following means:
    • Rest heals wounds over time.
    • Resting by a Campfire will heal wounds more quickly.
    • Resting in a dungeon without a campfire will not heal wounds.
  • Drinking HP Elixirs or Wound Remedy Potions, receiving First Aid, or Transforming instantly heals wounds.
    • First Aid becomes more effective if the target is resting.
  • "the Master of Party Healing" title, when equipped, will cause Healing and Party Healing to heal wounds.
  • Leveling up, using Nao Soul Stones or Guardian Soul Stones, blue Dungeon Fountains, or receiving healing treatment from a Town Healer NPC will restore life and wounds completely.

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