Mirror WitchEdit

Mirror Witch [Edit] [1]
Dungeon*Par Ruins Snow Crystal (Boss)
2,200 (+1,080) EXP None [2]
EquipmentHidden[show]*Ice Rose (Must break mirrors first)
MiscellaneousHidden[show]*HP 100 Potion
Unknown HP 2800 CP
50 DEF 30% PROT
Fast Speed
Type #Hits Damage
Melee 3 60-200
[4] Aggressive [5] Single [6] Far [7] Slow

[8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19]

  • Extremely high defense and wound rate.
  • Her mirrors can only be destroyed by first playing the Ice Flute (found in the treasure chests earlier in the same dungeon) to remove their protective field.
    • Destroying them will increase her power, change some skill ranks and allow the Ice Rose she's wearing to drop (rarely).
      • After the power up, natural shield and mana reflector change from rank 6 to rank 2, heavy stander from rank B to rank 7, and windmill from rank 9 to rank 1.
  • The Ice Witch can infinitely resurrect Wendigo, but can be stopped by a Player's attack
    • This can be avoided by setting the party finish rules to "Anyone" and not finishing the Wendigo once it's been defeated
  • She can use Counterattack while walking.
  • When she uses Ice Hold with the mirrors intact, she fully heals all damage, but not wounds.
  • May have a weakness to Fire-Lightning Counter if you want to kill her alone.
  • By Party, it may be suggested that you spam Windmill and/or Smash on her.

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