Your mental prowess and determination. The more Will you have, the better you can survive dangerous situations and the more bonuses you gain from Will-dependent skills and Will-affected circumstances.Will affects critical damage, hand-to-hand combat skills, magic defense, and your ability to survive fatal blows.

Basic InformationEdit

  • Will, also known as Willpower, increases the player's chance of going into Deadly status, the damage of Knuckles and Shuriken, Critical, Injury, and Magic Defense.
  • Every 3 Will adds +1 to Maximum Knuckle Damage; 3.5 Will adds +1 to Minimum Knuckle Damage.
  • Every 4 Will adds +1 to Maximum Shuriken Damage; 5 Will adds +1 to Minimum Shuriken Damage.
  • Every 10 Will adds +1.0% to Critical.
    • The amount of Critical that is contributed by the Will stat is calculated as (Will-10)/10.
      • Will below 10 will instead decrease the player's critical rate by up to 1%.
  • Every 10 Will adds +2.0% to Maximum Wound Rate and +0.5% to Minimum Wound Rate.
  • Every 10 Will adds +1 to Magic Defense.
  • The formula for entering Deadly status is currently unknown.
  • The first ten Will received from character creation are nonexistent and does not contribute to anything.
  • Hard capped at 1500.

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