Rain redirects here. For the alchemy skill, see Rain Casting.


  • The climate of Erinn exhibits four different types of weather effects: Sunny, Overcast, Rain, and Thunderstorm.
  • These weather effects may seem random, but are arranged upon a preset schedule. Please see the links below for sites that have weather tables. Keep in mind that since the time zones are different, these time schedules will offset by a certain number of hours for the North American release.
  • It will rain at the same time and in the same zones across all servers and channels.
  • A period of weather lasts for 20 minutes.


  • Before rainstorm message will appear.
    • It's getting cloudy here.
  • When it starts raining, a scrolling message will be broadcast overhead for all players.
    • It's raining.
    • Increase in success rate for Fishing and Production skills.
    • Life Skills receive an increased success rate bonus.
    • Certain Alchemy skills receive increased success rate bonus.
    • Duration of Campfire is decreased.
  • Thunderstorms will provide the greatest bonus to life skills.

Location InformationEdit

The following zones all receive rain simultaneously in their respective maps. For example, if it is raining in Tir Chonaill, Dugald Aisle and the Forest of Souls will also be receiving the same storm.

  1. Tir Chonaill + Dugald Aisle + Forest of Souls+ Sliab Cuilin
  2. Dunbarton + Scary Library + Hill of Gairech + Fiodh Dungeon
  3. Bangor
  4. Emain Macha
  5. Sen Mag Plateau + Sen Mag Residential Town + Sen Mag Castle + Dugald Residential Town + Dugald Castle + Abb Neagh Residential Town + Abb Neagh Castle
  6. Taillteann + Abb Neagh + Blago Prairie + Corrib Valley + Tara
  7. Rano + Zardine + Courcle?
  8. Connous

The following blocks never receive rain.

  1. All other dungeons + Indoors
  2. Sidhe Sneachta
  3. Osna Sail
  4. Ceo Island
  5. Nekojima
  6. Physis
  • Physis will receive snow after G12S2

It should be noted it is always raining in Metus, regardless of the weather in Connous

Coill Dungeon's weather is not the same as Emain Macha's. Please confirm.

Weather Gadget LinksEdit

Erinn Long Term Forecast (accurate as of 4.7.10)
English Mabi Tools (weather appears to be currently not following this schedule)

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