My Real name is Datholas, I'm not admin!? Well that's because EVERYONE IS :) this is not just my wiki this is everyone's so please enjoy this great community.. Please leave me a message..ffff

Restoring my bank pass. Edit

How do I restore my Mabinogi Bank pass?I ended up forgeting it right when the dragon rafting event started.Please try to give me the corect answer.D;

Interesting little wikia.Edit

Just wanted to bring something up. I really do love this adorable little wiki you guys have. Especially how the page on lag was stolen directly from mabinogiworld's wiki. <source Keep up the good work here, guys. --Seph

Theres not need to be sarcastic seph. --Flimz

Im sorry but there is already a mabinogi wiki its at

Yes there is but from time to time it gets over loaded and unreachable so a back up wiki is good idea plus i need something todo when were down for maintaince Chronocalamity 19:27, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

'Im sorry but there is already a mabinogi wiki its at' <- Yes, but this wiki is currently dead, so a back-up was a good idea. Sorry about unnecessary edit, but sheesh.. these people..

00:50, August 7 2012 (GMT)

Hey Seph you should remember that Mabinogi world directly used(stole) most of there pages from the Korean wiki. you know what they say "copying someones work is the best way to flatter someone"Chronocalamity (talk) 17:12, August 7, 2012 (UTC)

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