Basic InformationEdit

  • Defeating a succubus grants "the Succubus Slayer" title. Taming a succubus via Taming Wild Animals, Control of Darkness, Magical Music, or Enthralling Performance grants the "who Seduced a Succubus" title.
  • If a player is normal mode when confronting a succubus, she will notice the player, talk, and walk around them. After a while she will use a Normal Attack. This process repeats itself.
    • Advance succubi will attempt to use any of their skills to force the player into combat mode, including Windmill.
    • If a player is in combat mode, she will aggressively aggro instead.
  • Succubi drop aggro rather quickly compared to other monsters.
  • Succubi only spawn when there are a certain amount of players in Rabbie Dungeon. This varies by the pass used to enter the dungeon.
  • For Succubus-specific battle tactics, please see Succubus Battle Tactics.

Dungeon BossEdit



You found your way here...
I've always been alone...
...always lonely...
Please come close...
I'd like to spend this time... with no one else but you...

— Black Succubus
Why... Why do you stop there?

I have been waiting so long for you...
I have been waiting for you with all my heart..
Please come closer.
I'm curious to see how you look.

— Red Succubus

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