Stats affect all aspects of your character, including (but not limited to) appearance and general competence in skills.


Base StatsEdit

  • Base stats are the stats obtained from ranking skills, taking classes, reading books, Age, Level, and Uncooked Food effects.
    • Stats from skills, classes, and books are permanent and will be carried through rebirth.
      • However, deranking skills will remove any stat gained.
    • Stats age, level, and uncooked food are semi-permanent, remaining with the character until rebirth.
      • These stats are calculated to one decimal place, despite only whole numbers being shown.
      • For example, a player with 102 strength levels up and gains 0.5 more strength. Although their strength still shows as 102, the player would have 1 more max melee weapon damage than before.
  • These stats are displayed in white in the character window. If these stats are modified in any method other than the ones described above, they will be shown in parenthesis beside the new modified stats.
  • Base stats directly affect Combat Power.
Character Stat Window

Stat ModifiersEdit

  • Stat modifiers are modifiers that increase or decrease base stats. They include equipment, skill effects, Enchants, Cooked Food, Potion Poisoning, Red Dungeon Fountains, Titles, Talents, Reforges, and Totems.
  • The outcome from stat modifiers is displayed in a color in the character window. The color is yellow if the stat is higher than the base, but turns red if the stat is lower than base.
    • This only applies to health, mana, stamina, strength, intelligence, dexterity, will, luck, and defense.
  • Stat modifiers do not affect the player's Combat Power.
  • Modifiers may not lower any stat below 0.
    • Potion Poisoning is an exception, which can lower any stat to -100% of its base value. However, the character stat window still displays it as 0.

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