A skill that allows you to cast all kinds of magic spells except Advanced Magic skills while moving. A great deal of Stamina will be consumed.

Basic InformationEdit

Obtaining the SkillEdit


Beauty in Concentration
How to Get Quest

Acquire Rank 9 Meditation and Rank 1 Magic Mastery

Briefing With enough focus, even an impossibility can become a possibility. Those who study magic can train to improve their concentration dramatically. Are you interested in such training? - Berched
  • 50,000 Experience Points Experience Points
  • Obtain the Spellwalk skill
Additional Advice

Any form of multiplied gathering (e.g. gathering skills, partner, etc.) will not contribute to the objective.

Training MethodEdit


  • Bolt Magic refers to Lightning Bolt, Firebolt, Icebolt, and Fusion Bolt.
  • Every enemy that gets hit counts towards the training requirements. For instance, a single usage of Fireball on a group of 5 monsters will count towards the Fireball requirement 5 times instead of once.
    • Spellwalk only needs to be active at the time of impact/damage to receive training.
    • Healing Magic counts for each separate charge.
    • Ice Spear only counts the explosion for the training requirement, not the freezing.
    • Thunder counts the initial hit and the following string of thunderbolts as separate hits.
      • As a result, each affected enemy can contribute up to 6 points toward the requirement when struck with 5 charges of Thunder.
    • Party Healing counts for each affected party member, regardless of their health.
      • A full party of 8 players can train the requirement 16 times at once as it counts for healing pets/partners too.
      • Standing near a Mana Tunnel and turning Spellwalk on after loading Party Healing can help manage the MP drain.
  • The boss room in Their Method is an effective location to train in later ranks, as they are immune to magic and can take multiple hits from Ice Spear, Thunder, and Fireball.
    • Pushing groups of zombies against the wall using Ice Spear is a good way to round them up into a nice little pile.
      • Firebolt is faster for single-targets if you need to push a few stragglers.
    • A Chain Casting lightning wand would also be effective here for earlier ranks.

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