No matter how tough Jenifer is, she can't operate the bar without any help. Jenifer knows that as well, or else she wouldn't have hired Riocard.

A teenage boy with a carefree smile, Riocard helps Jenifer around the bar. Some people don't think too fondly that a boy, no older than late teens, is working at a bar, but Riocard seems unbothered. He's not interested in drinking anyway. He likes talking with the people. Sometimes he gets yelled at by Jenifer because he'll just sit there and listen to the people's adventures. People who meet Riocard for the first time think of him as a clueless simpleton, but don't underestimate him. Though he is unusually carefree and relaxed for his age, he is very detailed and thorough.

Sometimes Riocard will stare up in the sky with a blank stare. If you ever see him doing that, ask him what he's starting out…or what he's thinking about.