Race Unknown
Gender Unknown

A handsome young man is wearing a tailored shirt that makes a shade in sepia color over his lean body. His red hair is contrasting against his pale face and fair skin. Although he's a noble-looking young man, it is difficult to find any facial expression in his face at all. From time to time, he makes a deep breath that sounds more like a sigh.

Rian is Ruairi's brother and watched over by Esras. He is the lord of Emain Macha. For some unknown reason, he rarely speaks and relies on Esras to do so. He can be heard speaking, but Esras often interrupts him, and Rian simply acknowledges Esras's words.

Mainstream Story

This part of the current article contains spoilers.

According to MorgantEsras murdered Rian's father so he could ascend to the throne of Emain Macha.

During the Tragedy of Emain Macha, Rian witnessed the battle between Redire and Morgant, until the Dark Lord struck the Paladin's blade which flung off and struck Rian's foot, greatly injuring him. After Morgant left, Redire was ordered captured and sentenced to death for injuring the Lord.

Rian also did not survive the injury and died shortly thereafter, however Esras did not announce this and reanimated Rian's corpse to become her puppet, thus granting her control over Emain Macha.

This part of the current article contains spoilers.

Now a mindless puppet, Rian simply stutters until Esras interferes with the conversation.

As Redire under the guise of a wandering merchant known as Price increases his suspicion on Esras, she decides to accelerate her plans. She uses various materials, along with Rian's corpse to create Tabhartas, however the plan failed when the Milletian as the "True" Paladin slays the creature. Morgant soon shows up and cuts off the head of the Golem, revealing that Rian was used as a sacrifice. Ruairi also appears and demands who killed his brother. Esras points the finger at the Milletian. Tabhartas soon explodes, taking Rian's lifeless body along with it. Ruairi, angered by the death of his brother, vows vengeance against Morrighan and leaves with the Dark Lord.

As soon as Ruairi and Morgant leave, Redire tells the Milletian that Rian was already dead before the start of these events, in which Esras claims that Redire had caused the injury leading to Rian's death, but did not announce it.

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