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You can spot this man from a mile away with his bulging muscles, thick arms and neck, as well as his protruding chest. His clothes are a bit shaggy and his headband that is tightly holding up his hair looks to be slightly soaked in sweat. Once you get close to him, you can't help but notice his big smile that covers his face, and his mustache that twitches each time he speaks.

Price is a traveling merchant appears who appears in most areas of the Uladh Continent, excluding Sidhe SneachtaOsna Sail, anyHousing area, Morva AislePort CeannSliab CuilinAbb NeaghTaillteannCorrib ValleyBlago PrairieTara, and Port Cobh. It is difficult to find him because his position is constantly changing. He sells useful and also somewhat odd items.

He raised four GoblinsGoroMuroTiro, and Pero. They were taught to speak the human language and all of them dream of becoming a merchant like their "father".

Mainstream StoryEdit

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  • After learning the truth behind his past, Price's personality alters drastically; he treats the player as a "friend" rather than a "stranger." The following also appears when talking to him:
    • His clothes and face are definitely Price, but something is different about him. With anger and remorse written all over his face, he almost looks like a different person. It's his eyes that have completely changed his persona. Though everything else about him looks gloomy, his eyes are brightly shining like a blazing flame.

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