Race Deity
Gender Female
Location Soul Stream


A beautiful girl in a black dress with intricate patterns. Her deep azure blue eyes remind everyone of an endless blue sea full of mystique. With her pale skin and her distinctively sublime silhouette, she seems as if she belongs in another world.

Nao Mariota Pryderi is the main resident of the Soul Stream who guides Milletians on their way in the world of Erinn. Her past is shrouded in mystery but she does not like to talk about it. Only Morrighan, Duncan, and Milletians can see her, though others can gain the ability through a special potion.

With Premium Service, if the player logs-in on the character's birthday (the character's original creation day - not Samhain/Saturday, the age-up day), he or she would be teleported to the Soul Stream where Nao will give the player a random accessory. At this time, the player can speak to Nao with the Keywords they accumulated on their journey, as well gift her an item for her to wear.

She also aids players through the Rebirth process for Humans, Elves, and Giants. For a Pet, Tin will appear in Nao's place.

Mainstream Story

Nao's Soul StonesEdit

Nao can resurrect an unconscious player by summoning her with Nao Soul Stones. She will appear to revive the player, bless their equipment, and revitalizes all their Health, Wounds, Mana, Stamina, and Hunger. Revival from Nao will have an extremely minor EXP cut, but she will not bless equipment that had fallen off when unconscious and such equipment will permanently disappear after an allotted time.

Beware that she is unable to resurrect players anywhere in Another World.

There is a glitch where Nao will stay in the place where she resurrected the player.

Giving Nao an outfit on the player's character's original creation day will cause her to appear wearing that outfit.

Gifts to NaoEdit

Nao's EquipmentEdit

  • Ring Torque
  • Nao's Black Dress

*May be replaced by the Gift Dress at the player's desire.*


  • In Closed Beta, the Mari Game Server was originally named Nao.
  • During the April Fool's Event, when the player logs in, they will be warped to the Soul Stream and Ferghus will appear instead of Nao while doing a humorous rendition of her appearance and departure.
  • There is a billboard of her in Emain Macha and Cor, It is also a Homestead prop.
  • His birthday is December 11th.

Gallery Edit