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An open Moon Gate


Moon Gates are Uladh's counterpart to Iria's Mana Tunnels. Moongates are scattered all throughout the land of Uladh. When they are open, Moongates allow for instant travel in between two destinations.

  • Gates open at 6:10pm or 18:10 Erinn time.
  • Gates close at 6:10am or 6:10 Erinn time.

Entering a Moongate will transport the user to a predetermined location. Each night's location will be announced via an in-game message. The destination of the next moongate destination (and the current moongate destination if they are currently open) is displayed when the mouse hovers over the in-game clock.

Moongates follow a preset schedule that repeats. The schedule has been or will be changed a number of times: once in G2, once in G4, once in G7, once in G9, and once in G10, the last two to accommodate new locations. For the Time Line go to Moongate Timetable.

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