Description Edit

A powerful magic spell that summons a huge meteor from the sky, turning a vast area into a blazing inferno. The point of impact becomes covered with lava temporarily, inflicting constant fire damage on enemies in it.

Details Edit

  • Requires a Staff to use.
  • Summons a large meteor over a designated area, creating an explosion as it crashes into the ground. The meteor leaves flames in its wake, damaging enemies that walk over it.
    • Enemies can run out of the fire to avoid damage so long as they stay out of it.
    • Meteor Strike requires a targetable enemy in order to use.
    • Meteor Strike can be cast over props and physical obstacles.
  • When casting, a magical circle will appear beneath the user. When it is done loading, a red targeting circle will appear on the ground beneath the mouse cursor, allowing the user to designate the location.
    • To target a specific monster directly, simply Left Alt + Left Click or use Ctrl Targeting and target the desired monster.
    • Doing so will aim for the center of its hitbox in its last position.
  • After launching the spell, the sky will temporarily become cloudy until the meteor lands. A white flash will also occur when the meteor lands, affecting every player within the area regardless of their distance from the meteor.
  • The skill will continue to drain the user's mana after loading until the meteor has been launched.
  • Ignores Magic Protection when calculating critical rate.
  • The skill damages enemies through 2 means:
    • 1. Physical and magical damage through the impact.
    • Both the physical and magical damage through impact are calculated and displayed as one value.
    • Impact damage ignores Heavy Stander and Mana Deflector, but not Invulnerability.
    • Impact damage is affected by Magic Attack.
    • Impact damage is also affected by distance from the center of the impact.
      • Targets near the center will receive 100% damage.
      • Targets halfway between the center and the edge will receive 75% damage.
      • Targets near the edge will receive 50% damage.
    • 2. Ranged damage through the fire.
      • Residual damage can lower a target's HP past 0 and can kill.
      • Like other damage over time effects, residual damage bypasses Invulnerability.
      • Residual damage is affected by the target's Natural Shield.
      • Residual damage is based on the skill's rank and cannot be increased.
      • Residual damage cannot score criticals.
      • The flames linger around for 10 seconds, dealing damage every 2 seconds for a total of 5 ticks.
  • Can not be used while Rafting or Hot-Air Ballooning.
  • Enabling Mini Effects causes the casting effects, the meteor, the explosion, and the leftover flames to become invisible.

Obtaining the Skill Edit

  • Create or rebirth a character and select the Druid Talent to be the active talent.
    • Requires 39 Pon

Training Method Edit

  • "Attack a Field Boss" actually means to attack a Raid Boss; normal Field Bosses do not count.
    • The only normal Field Boss that counts towards training is the Neid.
    • The Yeti does not count towards this requirement, despite being considered a Raid Boss.
  • The dragons present in The Saga: Iria do not count towards "Attack a Dragon."


  • For early ranks, you can easily group monsters with Act 6: Crisis and then cast Meteor Strike, effectively training multiple enemy hits. This is best done in a party with the finish rule set to Anyone.
    • Another player may be required to assist with this method.
  • Having another player use Enthralling Performance will allow multiple monsters group up in a single area, allowing for easier training with multiple hits.
  • Getting a Giant player use Taunt and Wind Guard to group many monsters around them, letting you hit them all with Meteor easily.
  • Areas of interest for large amount of spawns may include:
  • Raccoons north of the Logging Camp in Dugald Aisle.
  • Shyllien Nature Reserve Outskirts 2 in front of the giant crystal deposit.
  • Hillwen Mine B3 in front of the giant ore deposit.
    • Keep in mind that in both the Hillwen Mine and Shyllien Nature Reserve have extremely powerful mobs and may overwhelm you if precautions are not taken.
  • Polar Hornets in Silva Forest, south of Vales.
    • Flame Burst works well to lock the hornets' aggro and gather a large number into one location.
  • Offering
    • Beware that after the 3rd wave spawns the mission will automatically fail on next spawn.
  • For damage requirements, it may require targeting multiple weaker monsters at once while simultaneously landing a critical hit.
  • The Enslaved Neid encountered during Saga II Episode 1 counts for the 'Attack a field boss-level enemy training requirement.
  • For "Attack a Dragon", a player on the last quest of Generation 8 can attack Crumena and leave. This process can be repeated as long as the player does not kill Crumena.

Master TitleEdit

Meteor Strike Master

  • Magic ATT +50


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