Mana is measured in Mana Points (MP). Most magical skills require MP to cast. MP naturally regenerates or can be restored with items and magic.

Basic InformationEdit

It is possible to reduce current mana below 0 by equipping an item that increases maximum mana, use all mana, then remove said item.

  • Negative mana is always displayed as 0.
    • There is no known limit on the amount of negative mana a character can have.
  • Mana is regenerated by the following means:
    • Naturally regenerates at a constant rate of 1 point per 20 seconds, or 0.05 per second.
      • At night (6:00pm to 6:00am in game time), mana regeneration is tripled, regenerating 1 point per 6.67 seconds or 0.15 per second.
      • Meditation, Enduring Melody, or Restful Wind speeds up this recovery rate.
    • Transforming or Mana Potions instantly restore mana.
    • Standing near a Mana Tunnel or using Fantastic Chorus's Life Anthem or Awakening of Light instantly restores mana over time.
    • Leveling up, using Nao Soul Stones or Guardian Soul Stones, or blue Dungeon Fountains mana procs will restore mana completely.
  • High remaining mana increases the damage of Water Cannon and Shock.
  • Mana is soft capped at 1,500.

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