Mabinogi Renovation: Magic introduces new skills and updated versions of existing skills that have helped you through your many adventures in Erinn. Celebrate these changes with special buff events and giveaways to quickly experience and build everything Magic has to offer!

All-Day Giveaways!Edit

Interested in free items that will help you with Magic? Log-in to Mabinogi starting at 12 AM Pacific on the following days to obtain special items that will aid you in your quest for Magic Mastery! 

# Date Free Gift
1 Saturday, May 23 Lucky Red Upgrade Stone
2 Sunday, May 24 Lucky Blue Upgrade Stone
3 Saturday, May 30 Special Tendering Potion
4 "Info here." Rebirth Potion
5 "Info here." 10 Skill Training Seal
6 "Info here." 10 Skill Training Seal
7 "Info here." Lucky Red Upgrade Stone
8 "Info here." Lucky Blue Upgrade Stone

Magic Buff EventsEdit


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