Fusion BoltEdit


Fusion Bolt is an advanced technique that combines the powers of two different types of Bolt Magic. In the past, two party members needed to cast different magic attacks. After much research, a single person can now accomplish the same feat. This can be achieved by first casting Bolt Magic with the currently equipped magic tool, then manually casting Bolt Magic of a different attribute.


  • Allows a single player to cast Magic Fusion type bolts without a partner.
  • Passively raises damage of fused bolt magic.
  • You must have a wand equipped in order to use this skill.
  • This skill is used by casting the wand element's bolt followed by another bolt, causing them to become fused.
    • Both bolts may be charged at the same time.
      • The player will charge the initial bolt with the right hand, and the secondary bolt with the left.
    • Mana will be consumed for both bolts.
    • Wand and Elemental Mastery effects will be applied to their respective spells.
  • The user may not unequip or change weapons while this skill is active.
  • The skill may backfire and cause all charges to be lost if used incorrectly.
    • This will occur when the user attempts to stack charges of a different type than the first. (I.e. trying to mix Icebolt and Firebolt when the user already has one charge of Ice Lightning.)
    • This will also occur if the user casts only the first bolt for additional charges.
  • When mixing Lightning Bolt charges will disappear 15 seconds after the last charge.
  • When mixing Ice Bolt, the user may not create additional charges after the skill has been fired once and must deplete all charges.
  • Attempting to use fusion bolt with any level of chaincasting will always result in a backfire.
  • Mixed bolts have exactly the same effects as normal Magic Fusion with two people.

Obtaining the SkillEdit

  • Talk to Stewart about skills with Bolt Mastery at Rank Novice or higher.
  • Use Magic Fusion (Ice Lightning) on a monster once.
    • Tip: Try to cast the bolts at the same time as your friend. Successes are indicated by change in effects from the normal to a lightning effect that looks a bit like a mini shock effect on your wand.
    • Tip: Latency, timing, and Icebolt/Lightning Bolt ranks play in the timing of casting for the fusion.
    • Tip: Fuse your bolts near some monsters as the Lightning Bolt will cancel after a short while.

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