A measure of the bonus damage you deal to enemies with magical attacks. The higher the INT, the higher the Magic Attack

Basic InformationEdit

  • Magic Attack is the percent boost a player will receive to all magic damage.
  • The formula for determining Magic Attack is:
((Intelligence - 10) / 5) + Upgrade Bonus + Reforge Bonus + Enchant Bonus
  • Healing heals 1 additional health per 10 Magic Attack.
  • Party Healing heals 1 additional health per 5 Magic Attack.
  • Mana Shield's efficiency is influenced by Magic Attack.

Magic DamageEdit

  • Magic Damage is the actual damage dealt to a target by a spell.
  • The formula for Magic Damage is as follows:
{Base Damage + [Wand Bonus * (Charge Multiplier)] + (Spell Constant * Magic Attack) + (Damage Enchants * Damage Constant)}
 [1 + (Bolt Mastery Bonus + Elemental Mastery Bonus + Magic Weapon Mastery Bonus + Staff Elemental Level Bonus + Hebona Set Bonus + Rosemary Glove Bonus)]
 Charge Multiplier * Full Charge Multiplier * Thunder Multiplier * Distance Multiplier

Note: This formula does not apply to Blaze.

  • Fusion Bolt uses this formula twice, one for each separate bolt, when calculating damage.
    • Base Damage is the spell's base damage as shown in the skill window.
      • Reforge effects that add maximum or minimum damage to the spell add directly to this value.
    • Wand Bonus is a constant for bolt spells while using a wand of the same element.
    • The value for Spirit Weapon wands depends on the Social level of the spirit, up to a value of 30.0.
      • For non-spirit wands, the values are as follows:
      • All other cases, including with Bare Hands or Staff: 0
    • Charge Multiplier is the number of charges. This only applies to Firebolt, Ice Spear, and Hail Storm; all other magic spells will always be calculated as if they have 1 charge.
    • Spell Constant is a constant that varies by spell. The values are as follows:
    • Magic Attack is the player's Magic Attack stat as shown in the character window.
    • Damage Enchants is the sum of all bonuses from enchants to minimum and/or maximum damage, depending on what is being calculated.
    • Damage Constant is a constant that lowers the effects of damage enchants and varies by spell. The values are as follows:
      • Icebolt: 0.04 (min), 0.08 (max)
      • Firebolt: 0.2 (min), 0.4 (max)
      • Lightning Bolt: 0.22 (min), 0.44 (max)
      • Ice Spear: 0.05 (min), 0.1 (max)
      • Fireball: 0.25 (min), 0.5 (max)
      • Thunder: 0.25 (min), 0.5 (max)
      • Hail Storm: 0
      • Meteor Strike: ?
      • Lightning Rod: 0
      • Shockwave: ?
    • Elemental Mastery, Bolt Mastery, and Magic Weapon Mastery Bonuses are the percent bonus applied by the respective mastery skill, used as a decimal (e.g. 15% is 0.15).
      • Reforge effects for the mastery's damage and title bonuses (if applicable) for the mastery's efficiency/damage add directly to this value.
    • Staff Elemental Level Bonus is a bonus applied when using a bolt spell with a staff that has been elementally charged with the same element. The bonus values are as follows:
      • Level 0: 0
      • Level 1: 0.05
      • Level 2: 0.1
      • Level 3: 0.15
    • Hebona Set Bonus is a bonus applied to Icebolt and Firebolt when affected by the Icebolt Enhancement and Firebolt Enhancement status effect from the Hebona Set.
      • See Equipment Combination Effects for details on how set bonuses work.
      • The bonus is 0.15 when the enhancement is active, otherwise the bonus is 0 if there is no enhancement.
    • Rosemary Glove Bonus is the percent bonus applied to Icebolt, Ice Spear, and Hail Storm if equipped with a Rosemary Glove.
      • The bonus is 0.15 when equipped, otherwise the bonus is 0 when not equipped.
    • Full Charge Multiplier is a multiplier for being fully charged that varies by spell. The values are as follows:
      • Firebolt: 1.3
      • Ice Spear: 1.3
      • Hail Storm: 1.25
      • Lightning Rod: 1.5~3.0 (varies by rank)
      • Everything else: 1.0
    • Thunder Multiplier is a multiplier for Thunder that varies by number of charges and whether it is the final hit. The multiples are:
      • 1.0 for all hits of Thunder before the final hit.
      • 1.5 for the final hit of Thunder if charged with less than 5 charges (including a single charge).
      • 2.0 for the final hit of Thunder if charged with all 5 full charges.
    • Distance Multiplier is a multiplier for Shockwave and Meteor Strike that decreases as the target's distance increases from the center of the spell.
      • For Shockwave, the multiplier starts at 1.0 when near the center and scales linearly down to 0.1 when at the edge of the area of effect.
      • For Meteor Strike, the multiplier is 1.0 near the center of impact, 0.75 when halfway between the center and the edge, and 0.5 when near the edge.

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