A mysterious and inexplicable phenomena that helps you. The more Luck you have, the more often good things happen to you and the more bonuses you gain from Luck-related skills. Luck affects critical chance, evasiveness, and the success rate of many other skills.

Basic InformationEdit

  • Luck increases the player's Critical rate, the chances to score a Lucky Gather, and the rate of Archery Skills, Throwing Attack, and Dual Gun Mastery to passively miss the player.
    • Elven Magic Missile, Spirit Weapon Awakening, Spider Shot, and Urgent Shot cannot be avoided with the passive evasion, however.
    • Luck passive evasion is ignored if the aiming meter is at 100%.
  • Every 5 Luck adds +1.0% to Critical.
    • The amount of Critical that is contributed by the Luck stat is calculated as
(Luck - 10)/5.
  • Having Luck below 10 will decrease the player's critical rate by up to 2%.
  • The formula for Lucky Gather is
    Luck / 2000
    for Normal Lucky Gathers and
    Luck / 50000
    for Huge Lucky Gathers
  • Luck passively increases the user's evasiveness against all Archery Skills, Throwing Attack, and Dual Gun Mastery.
  • Contrary to popular belief, luck does not increase the success rate of Lucky Finish, Production, Repairing, or item drop rate.
  • The first ten Luck received from character creation are nonexistent and do not contribute to anything.
    • Hard capped at 1500.
  • Luck can also be achieved through leveling or aging up while age 14 or younger.
  • Some Artisan Upgrades will also boost the player's Luck.

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