Life is measured in Health Points (HP). When your HP reaches 0, you will fall unconscious. HP naturally regenerates or can be restored with items and magic.

Basic InformationEdit

  • Life Points, commonly referred to as Health Points or Hit Points (HP), determine the character's ability to absorb damage. Life is lost when receiving Damage, standing in Zardine's Sulfur Pits, or when the player has been transformed into a Dark Knight for too long.
  • Maximum Life cannot be reduced below 1 by any means.
  • A character's Life being reduced to zero may potentially render the player Knocked Unconscious.
    • However, it is possible to survive with negative HP, putting the player into Deadly status.
      • The chances of going into Deadly when receiving any non-damage over time attack are dependent upon Will as well as how close to maximum Life the player was when receiving the blow.
        • Players will always go into deadly if they receive a lethal blow while at 50% or more Life.
        • There is a high probability receiving an attack while in deadly will knock the player unconscious.
        • The damage over time attacks from Meteor Strike, Celestial Spike, Smash, Mirage Missile, and Hydra Transmutation are exceptions.
        • Deadly status "caps" at -100% of maximum HP, including enchants and other bonuses.
  • Life is restored by the following means:
  • Summoned Golems cannot be healed.
  • Pierrot Marionettes or Colossus Marionettes can only be healed by Marionette Potions or Restful Wind.
  • High remaining Life increases the damage of Flame Burst and the damage reflect of Barrier Spikes.
  • High lost Life, on the other hand, increases the draining damage of Life Drain.
    • For example, the player will deal more damage if their Life is 1/1000 (999 Life lost) as opposed to 1/100 (99 Life lost).
  • Life is Soft capped at 1,500.

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