Jam SessionEdit

If you are aware of this action, then you may hold a Music Jam Band. When a fellow party member uses this action, then the party members will have their instruments and scores all set up, ready to play. When the leader of the party uses this action, that's when the playing begins. This action is only available to those with Rank C or above in Playing Instrument and Musical Knowledge.
  • Requires at least Musical Knowledge Rank C, Playing Instrument Rank C, and Rank Novice Composing. Once these requirements are met, the player will soon receive the quest Beautiful Harmony, Jam.
  • By using this action, the player will prepare the use of a musical instrument while in a "Jam Band" party.
  • When the party leader uses this action, all players who have prepared Party Performance will begin playing songs at the same time. This allows multiple score compositions to be performed relatively in-sync (excluding individual playing failures).
  • Note that if you create a song that requires more than 5 people playing at the same time, only 5 of the instruments will be heard.
  • Trivia: Some foreign servers have 100% success rate when players all use this skill.
Beautiful Harmony, Jam
How to Get Quest

Acquire Rank C Playing Instrument, Rank C Musical Knowledge, and Rank Novice Composing

Briefing Haha, hello! It's Nele from Emain Macha. I'm hearing rumors even from here that you're always playing music. Come stop by when you get a chance. I will teach you a special action regarding instrument playing. -Nele
  • Talk to Nele
  • 200 Experience Points
  • Jam Action
  • Obtain Title: the Silencer

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