Your rational capability. The more Intelligence you have, the more bonuses you gain from Intelligence-dependent skills. Intelligence (INT) affects all magical abilities, enchant effectiveness, and EXP gained for pets.

  • Intelligence (Int) increases Magic Attack, Magic Protection, Magic Balance, the success rate of Enchant, and the Experience gained for Pets. It also reduces the cast time and mana cost of Thunder, Fireball, Ice Spear, and Hail Storm, increases the damage of Mirage Missile's Mirage status effect and adds a Damage Bonus to Dual Guns.
  • Every 5 Int increases Magic Attack by 1.
  • Every 20 Int increases Magic Protection by 1.
  • Every 4 Int increases Magic Balance by 1.
  • Every 5 Int increases Mirage Missile's effect damage by 1.
  • Mana Consumption and Casting times of Thunder, Fireball, Ice Spear, and Hail Storm are decreased by 2% per 100 Int.
    • This effect compounds with similar effects from other sources. For example, having 20% cast time reduction from Int and 40% from a wand would result in a 52% casting time decrease.
  • When equipped with Dual Guns, every 5 Int adds +1 to Maximum Damage; 6 Int adds +1 to Minimum Damage.
  • The first ten Intelligence received from character creation are nonexistent and does not contribute to anything.
  • Hard capped at 1500

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