The chance that an attack you deal to an enemy will injure them. Injuries cannot be treated with potions or healing magic.

Basic InformationEdit

  • Injury rate is the percentage of damage that is inflicted as Wounds on the enemy.
    • For example, if a player has an Injury Rate of 10~20% and hits 100 damage on an enemy, the enemy will receive 10~20 points of wound.
  • Injury rates are most useful on enemies that naturally recover HP very quickly. This includes Dungeon Recovery Rooms.
  • Every 10 Dexterity adds +1.0% to Maximum Wound Rate and +0.5% to Minimum Wound Rate.
  • Every 10 Will adds +2.0% to Maximum Wound Rate and +0.5% to Minimum Wound Rate.
  • Maximum and Minimum Injury Rate is reduced by 1.0% for every Effective Protection point on the target.
  • Magic, Alchemy, Puppetry Skills, Counterattack, Lance Counter, Chain: Counter Punch, Windmill, and Doppelganger are not affected by the injury stat as they cannot cause wounds.

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