The Ice Spear skill uses MP to gather water particles in the air and turn them into a spear shaped block of ice. The ice spear is created above the targeted object to take advantage of its weight and acceleration by gravity. Ice spear has greater piercing power compared to ice bolt, and therefore can incur damage over enemies in the surrounding area.

To obtain ice spear:

1. You will need to go to Stewart first with an ice wand or crown ice wand equipped using the title ??

2. Next, he will give you an exploration book which is empty. You will have to fill the pages and they're hard to find to. These are the pages you'll need to look for:

Name of Item Monster Area Diffculty of Drop
Exploration Page 1 Stone Mimic

Maiz Prairie Dungeon

Karu Forest Dungeon

Exploration Page 2 Exploration Chest Rano
Exploration Page 3

Glowing Bosses


Any Completed Glowing Boss(Includes Glowing Gargoyole in Maiz Prairie) Hard and costs a lot of money to buy it
Exploration Page 4 Exploration Chest Rano
Exploration Page 5 Masked Goblins

Longa Desert Ruings(Enchanting Arrow)

Karu Forest Ruins

Exploration Chests in Rano

3. Next, put the pages in the book, open the book and press complete.Then go back to Stewart and he will give you another book, called Ice Spear book. To get page one of Ice Spear, one must go talk to Nele in Emain Macha Coill Elemental Pass.

4.Once again you need to look for five more pages. They're also hard to get. Here are the following pages:

Name of Item Dropped By Area Diffculty to Obtain
Ice Spear Page 1 Giant Ice Sprite Coill Elemental ?
Ice Spear Page 2

Yellow Succbus



Rabbie Adv

Defeat Fomor Commander I

Staring at 300,000 gold

Hard if going for Succubus
Ice Spear Page 3 Mimic All Dungeons? Easiest
Ice Spear Page 4 Kitty Wizard Rundal Siren
Ice Spear Page 5 Ice Sprite Coill, Math Adv, and Ceo Island

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