God of Thunder is a magic technique used in the world of Mabinogi against powerful foes such as dungeon bosses and monsters with the title "ancient".

The God of Thunder technique is a simple yet effective way to dispatch any foe quickly and efficiently. This is a technique I (Kitsuse of the Tarlach server in NA) invented myself. Before you begin trying this technique, you will need two things to start.
1. Lightning wand (or upgraded trinity staff)
2.Pet lightning dragon
The first thing you need to do is make sure you have alot of mana potions. This technique uses alot of mana! Second, charge the thunder skill 5 times. (You do not need the thunder skill, you can just use lightning bolt, but a fully charged thunder attack will give you the maximum effect. Third, summon your lightning dragon. Make it charge its breath attack before you attack. Finally, make your dragon use its breath attack on the opponent. THE SECOND YOU DO THIS, attack it with your thunder or lightning attack. The combined lightning attacks will be too much for the opponent to handle, and the opponent will either die, or become too shocked to fight and must recooperate for a few seconds, leaving room for follow up attacks.
This strategy will not work in pvp or elf vs giant pvp. Your opponent must be unaware of you and this must be the first attack you use on it or it will not work.
This strategy may work with fire dragons and the fireball/firebolt skill but I have not been able to test it out yet.
Remember, this is a technique used mainly by wizards and mages as an initial attack. Please enjoy using the technique God of Thunder you just learned.

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