Bangor is known for its iron ore deposits. They say that the biggest convenience store is the general shop…but the general shop is nothing more than a shabby little store. Items are rare and expensive, and they only carry things people don't need. To make things worse, there is an old man who walks around the store, always miserable and mumbling complaints. The last thing you want to do is complain about the general shop to him…because he is the owner!

Gilmore has had the general shop in Bangor for quite some time now. You wouldn't believe how much he complains about every little thing. He goes as far as expressing his complaints directly to customers who come in the shop. Your conversations with him might not be so pleasant. Everyone in town knows about his difficult personality and moodiness, and will show an adverse reaction if you mention his name.

Except one person…Sion For some odd reasons, Gilmore loosens up with him.