To start g9, you need to complete G1-3, and G8(need confirmation) as of G16S2. All races can do G9. The difficulty depends on what your total level is, as is shown below.

1~99 = basic

100~299 = intermediate

300~999 = Advanced

1000+ = Hard

Fallon's summons
G3.png Name Fallon's Summons NPC Granat

Karpfen Brenda Collen Dorren Andras

Information Requirement: Current Level 10+ and a 2x2 space available in inventory.
Instruction 1) Log out and log in or change a channel after reaching level 10 to see a cutscene and receive a 2x2-sized letter from Fallon.

2) Reach level 15

3) Talk to Granat, the elf leader in Taillteann.

4) Talk to Karpfen, the giant leader in Taillteann.

5) Talk to Brenda at the clothing store.

6) Talk to Collen, the priest at the church.

7) Talk to Dorren, the alchemy master.

8) Finally, give the letter to Andras, the human leader in Taillteann.

9) Go to the Shadow World gate (the Stonehenge northwest of town) to start Fallon's RP, Hero of Mag Tuireadh.

10) If you somehow fail the quest or disconnect during it, the mission will return to your quest log. If you delete the mission, simply talk to Andras again to receive another.

11) Simply, you must wipe out some Goblins, a Black Wizard, and then some more Goblins with a Black Warrior who possesses Teleportation.

12) You may simply kill the Black Warrior to finish the quest.

13) The quest completes itself when the RP is finished.

14) Wait for the next quest.

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