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  • To start Generation 7, you must have completed Generation 3.
  • You may skip G7 by talking to Kousai. Other than missed EXP, there is no penalty for skipping.

Generation 7: Ancient Secrets of Irinid is the actual start of Chapter 2. It introduces another region of Iria known as Courcle, revealing most of Iria's past, as well as an artifact known as the Heart of Courcle. Additionally, something amiss stirs within the Elves.

NPCs involved in Ancient Secrets of IrinidEdit

NPC    Occupation     Location


         Healer          Filia


       Chief of Cor  Chief's house



Cor, near Tupai



Blacksmith,Former Second-in-command of Giants Army Vales

 Weapon Shop



        Animal Trainer  Cor


  Banker, Relic Recovery Cor Bank and Lost and Found

Ancient Fragments of the AltarsEdit


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