Generation 5 - Elves of the DesertEdit

Main Updates

  • The race Elves was added.
  • A new area named Connous was added where elves start their journey at the town Filia.
  • A new PvP system was implemented, called Dueling.
  • The Messenger System was updated.
  • Character Select Screen has been changed.

Minor Updates

  • Boss Rush Mode Dungeons is now available.
  • Singing Birds Pets have been implemented.
  • More rideable pets have been implemented.

Item Updates

  • Arrows (1000) can now be purchased from Item Mall for 50 Nexon Cash, and can hold up to 1000 arrows. This Quiver's arrows can now be moved to a normal Quiver.
  • Emerald Arrow
  • Amethyst Arrow
  • Topaz Arrow
  • Mysterious Arrow
  • Various Elf-only and Elf and Human-only clothing, and leather armors.

Map Updates

Skill Updates


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