The 13th generation, Hamlet. This is the first part of chapter 4, Shakespeare. These quests take place in a new area of Uladh, Avon, which can only be accessed from the avon feather. Once you are there, you can do the quests, or shear sheep to get pages to turn into passes, which you can get gems, such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and such from.

The Tragic Bard
G13.png Name The Tragic Bard NPC Duncun
Information None.
Instruction 1) Upon logging in, you will see a cut scene, receive the quest, and obtain a Bard's Earring.

2)Talk to Duncan. He will give you the other earring.

3) Offer the Bard's Earring on Alby Dungeon's altar. The length is one floor and slightly more rooms than an Alby Normal.

Level 1~299: Alby Beginner

Level 300~999: Alby Basic. Boss: Giant Red Spider + Dark Blue Spiders × 6

Level 1000+: Alby Intermediate. Boss: Giant Black Spider + Burgundy Spiders × 10

4) You will receive the Author's Notebook upon defeating the boss. Read it to see a cut scene.

5) Talk to Duncan. Complete the quest. [400 EXP, 5 SP 30 Potions, Avon Feather]

6) Wait a short while to get the next quest.

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