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File:Chapter 3 Mainstream Icon.png It is necessary to be Level 15 or higher in order to begin this mainstream scenario. Any race may take part in Generation 10, but Generation 9 must have been completed in order to start G10.

All Shadow Missions difficulty is based on your total level:

  • 1~99 Beginner
  • 100~299 Intermediate
  • 300~999 Advanced
  • 1000+ Hard

The higher your total level, the less experience you will get from completion of the quests.

Please Note: All information here is based on foreign servers and may not be accurate for NA.

Padan's RequestsEdit

Padan's Requests
Name Padan's Requests NPC Padan
Information You can avoid the Shadow Ghosts.

  1. Upon completion of G9, log-out or change channels to view the beginning cutscene.
  2. Talk to Padan in Tara.
  3. Complete the solo Shadow Mission (Survivor Rescue).
    1. You must defeat the bone soldiers guarding an NPC.
    2. There are four Shadow Ghosts in front of Tara's gate. They're rather strong; you can avoid fighting them if needed by walking around them.
    3. You have 40 minutes to complete the Shadow Mission.
    4. Upon completion you'll receive a 2x2-sized badge.
  4. Talk to Padan and he will give you Leymour's Notebook (2x2).
  5. Complete the solo RP (Investigating Leymore's Diary) at Taillteann's altar.
    1. There is no need to fight the monsters. Just run past them and search for Elatha to talk to him.

Andras and ElathaEdit

Andras and Elatha
Name Andras and Elatha NPC Andras

  1. Talk to Andras in Taillteann. She give you 'Andras's Orgel'.
  2. Use 'Andras's Orgel' to view a cutscene. You will receive a Shadow Mission Quest after the cutscene.
  3. Complete the solo Shadow Mission (Caliburn's Secret).
    1. Defeat the enemies around the tower to open the gates to Taillteann.
    2. Talk to Elatha at the alchemy equipment (near Dorren's normal location). He'll give you the keyword "Clue about Neamhain The Goddess of Light"(?).

Collect Clues about Neamhain The Goddess of LightEdit

Collect Clues about Neamhain The Goddess of Light
Name Collect Clues about Neamhain The Goddess of Light NPC Hans

  1. This part consists of four different sections that take place in Tara. You can do them in any order. Use the "Clue about Neamhain The Goddess of Light" keyword to initiate each quest. Note: the items take up a lot of inventory space. Be sure you are ready for it.
  2. [Part 1: Potrait of the Goddess] (size: 2x2)
    1. Talk to Hans, who is located in the square with the fountain, with the keyword.
    2. Wear a Novice Alchemist Suit. Talk to Hans and he will request you to model for a painting. He will give you a 2x2 portrait of your character.
    3. Talk to Hans again. He will ask you to deliver a 2x2-sized landscape of Tara to Keith.
    4. Talk to Keith, who is located north of the shopping square.
    5. Talk to Hans to receive the first key item.
  3. [Part 2: Lezarro's Rubbed Copy] (size: 2x2)
    1. Talk to Lezarro, who is located by the gate heading towards the castle, with the keyword to receive a Shadow Mission (Obtain the Unusual Book).
    2. Hit switches all over Tara to spawn enemies. There are three waves per switch. When you've hit them all, the center square (with the fountain) will be open. Defeat the Soldier Zombies in the square to finish the quest and recieve a 2x2-sized book.
    3. Bring the book to Lezarro to receive the second key item.
  4. [Part 3: Script of Lymilark] (size: 1x2)
    1. Talk to Pencast, who is located in front of the cathedral doors, with the keyword. You will receive Pencast's Taming Cane and 50 Pencast's Bait Can.
    2. Tame a Stray Kitten and then talk to Pencast. The nearest kittens are east of the cathedral.
    3. Tame a Stray Puppy and then talk to Pencast. The nearest puppies are northwest of the cathedral.
      1. Even at low taming ranks, you should be able to tame both the kitty and puppy with plenty of bait to spare.
    4. Talk to Pencast again, you will receive the third key item.
  5. [Part 4: Neamhain's Feather Ornament] (size: 2x2)
    1. Talk to Lileas, who manages the jousting arena, with the keyword to receive a Shadow Mission Quest (Obtain Shadow Honey). Although monsters are present, no fighting is required in this quest. Simply look for the trees with honeycombs and hit them to collect the Shadow Honey (2x2). You will need 5 of these. You can get them all from the same tree.
    2. Talk to Lileas to give her the honey. She will give you Lileas's Honey Drink. Simply [Use] it to drink it for a cutscene.
    3. Talk to Lileas again.
    4. Talk to Eluned at the clothing shop.
    5. Talk to Lileas, and select the last option. You will face the Jousting Champion in a Jousting battle. Win against him in order to proceed.
    6. Talk to Eluned to receive the final key item.

Memory of the GoddessEdit

Memory of the Goddess
Name Memory of the Goddess NPC Andras

  1. Talk to Andras to receive a Shadow Mission (Neamhain's Memorial).
    1. Enter Taillteann and talk to Elatha, who is near the platform where Andras would be. A cutscene will occur.
    2. Talk to him again to learn the Synthesis skill if you do not already have it.
    3. Enter the arena and defeat the enemies there (Shadow Alchemist x4 + Shadow Lancer (Light Armor) x2.
    4. Use the alchemy tool in the room. Mix all four items you received previously earlier to get [Memories of Neamhain].
    5. Note: You cannot use Synthesis with items in your hands.
    6. Passing rate is 99%. Should you fail, return to the four NPCs in the previous missions to gather the items again.
  2. Use the [Memories of Neamhain] to view a cutscene.
  3. Talk to Andras. She'll give you the Dark Lord's Emblem (1x1).
  4. Use the emblem at Ciar Dungeon for Elatha's RP quest. [30,000 EXP]
    1. The dungeon is Ciar Intermediate. There is no boss, just a cutscene when you open the boss room door.

The End of Tir Na NogEdit

The End of Tir Na Nog
Name The End of Tir Na Nog NPC Pencast

  1. Talk to Pencast to receive a book. Manually complete the quest.

Explorer of IriaEdit

Explorer of Iria
Name Explorer of Iria NPC Alexina, Castanea, Kirine

  1. Depending on your race, talk to the respective NPC.
    1. Human: Alexina (Qilla Base Camp)
    2. Elf: Castanea (Filia)
    3. Giant: Kirine (Vales)
  2. Achieve an exploration level of 10 or above and talk to the NPC again to receive a collection book and a dungeon pass.
  3. The book requires you to collect cubics. They have a 100% droprate from mimics in the dungeon that the pass belongs to. Mimics tend to spawn more frequently in the first few rooms of the dungeon, so, to speed up the process, it may be best to get multiple passes. This can be done by dropping the pass on the ground and then talking to the NPC again, or by storing the pass on a pet and then talking to the NPC.
  4. There are nine different cubics, each with different designs on it. You must place one of each into your book.
    1. Flower
    2. Human
    3. Star
    4. Monkey
    5. Sheep
    6. Tree
    7. Bird
    8. Snake
    9. Sun
  5. Read the completed book and click the button on the first page to finish the quest and receive the [Ancient Irinid's Relic] (1x1).
  6. Talk to your NPC from step one. Manually complete the quest and wait for the next step. [35,000 EXP]

Recovering the Ancient Irinid's RelicEdit

Recovering the Ancient Irinid's Relic
Name Recovering the Ancient Irinid's Relic NPC Arenen, Voight

  1. Talk to Voight in Cor. He'll partially restore the relic.
  2. Talk to Arenen in Calida Exploration Camp to receive [Arenen's Proposal Ring].
  3. Drop the ring at Maiz Prairie Ruins in the Rano region to start a solo RP quest.
    1. It is a normal 1-floor Maiz Dungeon.
    2. Arenen is one of the few NPCs that has Playing Dead. Take advantage of this by using it when you've been aggro'd by Ghosts or Archer Slates and waiting for them to forget about you before getting up.
    3. There is no boss, just a cutscene.
  4. Talk to Voight to receive [Ilsa's Handkerchief].
  5. Drop the handkerchief at Maiz Prairie Ruins to enter Voight's RP quest. It requires 2 people.
    1. It is a normal 1-floor Maiz Dungeon. It is effectively the same as the one Arenen did but from Voight and Ilsa's perspective.
    2. You play as Ilsa and your partymate plays as Voight. Ilsa's only offensive skill is rank 9 Lightning Bolt, so Voight must do most of the fighting.
    3. Ilsa can help primarily by getting the monster's attention and then Playing Dead to take some heat off of Voight, especially in the multiaggro situations.
  6. Talk to Arenen to resolve his misunderstanding.

Rain Maker - IrinidEdit

Rain Maker - Irinid
Name Rain Master - Irinid NPC Kousai

  1. Talk to Kousai in Courcle and he will teach you the Rain Casting skill.
  2. Use the skill once. You don't actually have to rank it at all.
  3. Talk to Kousai again.
  4. Drop the Rain Master's arrow into Longa Dungeon in Connous on Samhain (Saturday). You may bring a party to complete this quest. (The Samhain rule is removed in G10S2)
    1. The dungeon appears to be a mix of the Emerald and Topaz dungeons. It has 3 floors.


Pencast's RequestEdit

Pencast's Request
Name Pencast's Request NPC Pencast

  1. Talk to Pencast to receive a Shadow Mission (Fomor Mata).
  2. The mission is solo.
    1. You must defeat a few sets of enemies leading from the north gate of Tara to the Jousting arena.
    2. You must win a Jousting match vs. Mata. You will have to restart the entire mission if you lose.
    3. After you win, you must defeat Mata in combat.
      1. He can summon a small golem when he is under half HP. It is recommended to distract him or it with a pet if this happens.
      2. Magic Counter works well on Mata until a golem is summoned.

Protecting the Heart of CourcleEdit

Protecting the Heart of Courcle
Name Protecting the Heart of Courcle NPC Padan

  1. Talk to Padan to receive a Shadow Mission (Support the Campaign).
  2. Requires you to destroy waves of monsters and protect the NPC when you reach the center. You can either solo or bring up to 8 people from this quest.

The Heart of CourcleEdit

The Heart of Courcle
Name The Heart of Courcle NPC Padan

  1. Talk to Padan to receive a Shadow Mission (Light and Darkness).
  2. Protect the Soul Stream.
  3. You will face your Doppelganger in this part, depending on your overall rebirth levels, the difficulty will be predetermined. This battle will consist of two parts.
  4. Part One
    1. MAKE SURE YOU EQUIP THE CYLINDER YOU ARE GIVEN BY DEFAULT. A fast mount is STRONGLY encouraged because you will be running around A LOT.
    2. Your Doppelganger will mainly use Alchemy skills against you. Make sure you dodge all of these attacks. It can also do Spear of Light and Fury of Light, which can be easily dodged if you're well-mounted. Try to damage him if possible, this will cut your HP so that you'll be able to do HP Drain later. (Note that you will need to lose some HP in order for this skill to work.)
    3. Bear in mind that when hitting the Doppelganger you will take 50% of the damage that you inflicted on it so make sure you spam potions or heal a lot. The Doppelganger still takes the full damage, though half of the amount of damage inflicted to him will reflect to you. E.g. If you hit it 600 DMG, he will take 600 DMG, and you will take 300 DMG along with him.
    4. Once you see your Doppelganger gesturing to you, quickly set your mount to attack it and use this opportunity to use the "Andras's Orgel" item in your inventory. This will weaken the Doppelganger, enabling you to use HP Drain on it.
    5. If you succeed, you will get a cutscene.
  5. Part Two
    1. Now you will be able to use Demigod mode and the skills introduced.
    2. Your Doppelganger will now take damage from your hits unlike in part one. It can only perform Alchemy skills (Water Cannon, Wind Blast and Flame Burst) and summon five other clones to take you down. It will only summon the clones when given an opportunity to, and they aren't very hard to defeat. During the time when it summoned clones, you will need to kill them all in order to deal normal damage to your actual Doppelganger again. Make sure you heal up properly, for hitting the Doppelganger is going to cause you deadly status, making you susceptible to clone attacks. Thus, strong pets are encouraged to serve as distraction purposes as much as possible. note that the main Doppelganger will come after you at all cost, apply your Demigod skill whenever POSSIBLE. This will be made easier if you have the Ice Spear skill, as the Doppelganger and its clones can be frozen repeatedly over the course.
  6. Once you've beaten the Doppelganger, you'll be awarded with the Demigod skill at rank F.
  7. Manually complete the quest to claim the EXP.

G10 RewardsEdit

Mainstream continues in Generation 11.

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