Connous is one of the major regions in Iria that was discovered by Humans and the native home of the Elves. It is located directly east of Rano, on the southern corner. Connous was once a lush forest and a large green prairie, but some major event in the past changed it into a barren sand dune desert forever.



A town inhabited by Elves.

The Elves established their lives in Filia, and the Base Camp for adventurers exploring Connous is also built here. Various structures surround the oasis encircling the Memory Tower.


Landmarks and ExplorationEdit

Wildlife and MonstersEdit

Connous Battle ArenaEdit

Longa DesertEdit

Connous Underground MazeEdit

Neres PlateauEdit

Errans GorgeEdit

Rupes DesertEdit


Shyllien Nature ReserveEdit

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