Main InformationEdit

A farmland is an area in a town or city to harvest potatoes, wheat, and barley. You can harvest potatoes in Dunbarton. Wheat and Barley can be harvested from Tir Chonaill. wheat and barley are used to make flour at a Windmill. This flour is used for many purposes.


Farmlands may look boring...but in reality, they're not!

Fresh FlourEdit

Farmlands are the only places you can harvest wheat and barley to make fresh flour for delicious recipes. If you just buy flour from a store, it doesn't really have that taste that you made it.

Potatoes Straight From the GroundEdit

How would you like your potatoes to be sitting on a store shelf for a whole day before you eat them? That's why you should go to those Farmlands right outside town and dig up some fresh potatoes.


If you just want to sit down and read, Farmlands aren't really the most popular areas in all of Mabinogi, so get comfortable.