A cute young woman with shiny, round, metal-rimmed glasses looks my way with sparkling emerald-green eyes. Between her neatly folded arms is her slightly protruding bosom and her fancy outfit in fiery red and warm cream evokes a slightly unexpected attractiveness.


Elain is a cute girl who own's her own store she is the twin sister of Lorraine who she hates being mistaken for, Elain has cream colored blonde hair tied in pigtail's sea-green eye's and wears silver circle rimmed glasses, Elain also wears a cute red and cream colored outfit that shows of her quite developed bossom.


Elain is a shop owner in Sen Mag Residential Town. She is the twin sister of the General Store owner in Dugald Residential Town, Lorraine.

Elain dislikes people mistaking her for her twin sister.

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