An employee at the government office, Eavan has the king's sanction to tackle difficult cases in Dunbarton that cannot be solved through conventional methods. Eavan will assign adventurers and travelers that come through Dunbarton to these cases as she sees fit. She is a just and efficient, and compensates those working on her cases fairly. Because Dunbarton is a central city with much traffic, Eavan stays very busy keeping track of those in her employ, making sure that her requests are completed on time and rewarded accordingly. Her cold and distant personality mirrors her looks, but that can be attributed to the stress accumulated from her busy job. Come to think of it, not much is known about her personal life...

As the flow of traffic through Dunbarton constantly increases, Eavan has lately been complaining of exhaustion. The abundant love letters sent to her by adventurers that fall in love with her don't help matters either.