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Dunbarton is a bustling city and has a great deal to offer, with most of its locations arranged around the town square.  These include a clothing shop, a general shop, a grocery store, and a bank, as well as a Town Office.  Tucked into the north-western corner of the city is a church.  To the east are a book store, a school, and a weapons shop.  Inside the school you will find the library. Leaving from the south-eastern gate will take you past a healer's house.  The statue in the south eastern corner is a common place for event NPCs to stand.

Outside the north gate there is some Farmland to harvest potatoes with a Weeding Hoe.  As of the introduction of Commerce, there is also a trading post outside this gate.  There are several crafting resources here: a well and a cooking oven are just east of the Church, and a spinning wheel and a loom outside the clothing shop. Apple trees are a common sight, especially to the north, or along the road toward Bangor via Gairech Hills.  Exiting from the west gate will take you past the Moon Gate, and toward Emain Macha via Osna Sail.  To the east you will find Port CobhMath Dungeon is in a small alcove to the north east, and to the north west is Rabbie Dungeon, and the entrance to Abb Neagh.  Going to the north will lead you to Dugald Aisle and Tir Chonaill.

It seems to be a common place for player shops, as after continent warp was added, you wind up here if you warp from Iria to Udlah after getting to Dunbarton at least once.  Otherwise, you will warp to Tir Chonaill.








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