Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Florist
Location Emain Macha
Part-time Job Flower Shop
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Report From: 10:00 am


With a basket of flowers in one hand, she wears a constant smile on her face. Wearing a long apron and lace-trimmed dress, she looks like a beautiful flower. Her long shiny hair is tied over to one side, gently touching her bare shoulder. As soon as our eyes meet, she gives me a friendly smile and starts a conversation.

Delen is the younger of the twins. She gets irritated because Del keeps nagging about how much older she is by a couple of minutes. You can tell that Delen likes Aodhan, she thinks he's handsome, has good manners and is a good character. Delen even pretended to be Del and flirt with Aodhan, but...could she be after his money instead? She loves sweets but has a fear of knives because she once cut herself while using one.

Delen is actually really lonely. Most guys assume she already has a boyfriend because of her beauty, thus causing no one to approach her and she isn't the type to ask a guy first.

Delen's Quote: "shi~ Always preference for my sister... Just because of a few minutes..."

Favorite ItemsEdit


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