A measure of the damage you deal to enemies with physical attacks.

Basic InformationEdit

  • Damage is the amount of HP an enemy will lose when physically attacked.
    • The HP loss inflicted on an enemy is not permanent and may regenerate over time if no further attack is made (assuming the enemy has not been killed).
    • A portion of the player's damage will also cause Wounds to the enemy based on Injury rate.
  • A player's damage stat is displayed as a range between a minimum and maximum value. Any given attack on an enemy will inflict an amount of damage whose value is somewhere within that range.
    • The average damage value inflicted is determined by their Balance stat
    • When a weapon is equipped, the attack of that weapon is added to a player's Damage stat.
  • A player's minimum damage cannot exceed their maximum damage. If the minimum damage would be higher than the maximum, the minimum damage will be lowered to the player's maximum damage.

Damage CalculationsEdit

The final damage dealt on a monster is calculated in the following steps:

1. Base damage plus all additional damages (from enchants, stats except Int, skills)
2. Skill Multipliers (if applicable)
3. Enemy Defense Deduction
4. Enemy Effective Protection Deduction
5. Shield Melee Damage Reduction (if applicable)
6. Elemental Multiplier (if applicable)
7. Passive Defense (if applicable)

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