The chance that an attack you deal will inflict deadly damage to your enemies. Your Critical rate is affected by your Luck and Will.

Basic InformationEdit

Damage + [Max Damage * (Critical Hit Damage + R-type Special Upgrade Critical Damage + Skill Critical Hit Damage)].
[(Will - 10) / 10] + [(Luck - 10) / 5] + Weapon Critical + Enchant Bonus + Reforge Bonus + Skill Bonuses + Title Bonuses
  • Skill bonuses may not show up on the player's character stat window depending on the skill.
    • The chance to score a critical hit for magic instead uses the above formula but without factoring in the weapon's critical.
      • This includes Bare Hands, which adds 10% to critical.
  • Critical is reduced by 2.0% for every Effective Protection point (actual damage reduction) on the target. In the case of magic criticals, it is reduced by 2.0% for every Effective Magic Protection point on the target.
    • The final critical rate is thus calculated as:
(Attacker's Critical %) - (Target's Effective Protection * 2)
  • Windmill, Stomp, Crash Shot, Thunder, Fireball, Ice Spear, Flame Burst, Blaze, Meteor Strike, Lightning Rod, Charging Strike, Focused Fist, Act 4: Rising Action, Act 7: Climactic Crash, Flash Launcher, Bullet Storm, Shooting Rush, Dual Gun Normal Attacks under the influence of Way of the Gun, Spirit Weapon Awakening, Wings of Rage, Giant Full Swing, and B+ Bombsignore this reduction.
  • Critical is capped at 999.9%.
    • However, regardless of the player's critical and the target's protection, the chance to score a critical hit is capped at 30%.
      • For example, the player has 100% critical and attacks a monster with 0 protection; contrary to what appears the player to be having all their attacks score a critical hit, the player actually only has a 30% rate to land a critical hit.
      • Certain skills may exceed this 30% critical during calculation. For example, Way of the Gun causes all Dual Gun Normal Attacks to be a critical hit, regardless of the player's critical and the enemy's protection stats.
      • Players conducted a trial in which a person with 90% critical attacked a Black-tailed Mongoose (which has 16 Protection). Using the above formula, the chance for critical should have been 58%. However, out of 3308 attacks, only 989 criticals were observed; a cap of ~30%.
  • When using an attack that hits multiple targets, the chance of landing a critical hit is only calculated against the selected target or the closest target to the player/skill being used if a target was not selected.
    • If a player happens to land a critical hit against the target, all other targets within range of the attack will receive a critical hit as well.
  • Most Two-Handed Weapons increases the critical rate of Smash by 5%.
  • Counterattack, Lance Counter, and Chain: Counter Punch uses the enemy's critical rather than the player's.
  • The following attacks cannot score criticals: Poison Attack, Mirage Missile's shock damage, reflective damage from Rank 9+ Barrier Spikes, Life Drain, Dischord's sustained damage, Puppet's Snare's damage over time, Devil's Cry's damage effect, Wings of Rage after effects, Hydra Transmutation, Meteor Strike's leftover flames, and Reflective Damage.
  • Critical hits increases the stun time, knocks down targets rather than pushing them back, and may reset the enemy's AI and change its Aggro.

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