Race Unknown
Gender Unknown

Description Edit

He wears an exquisite armor, more refined and detailed than the kinds normally found in regular Weapons Shops. His solid build cannot be hidden, even with the larger-than-normal armor. His thick neck supports a lively face, while his sharp nose and jawline are amongst the most noticeable features on his tanned face. His tidy haircut and smooth skin give you the impression of authority.

Craig is the leader of the Paladins and is in charge of the Paladin training process. He commands most of the Paladin Army, which seems to consist of large warriors with two-handed weapons. The army also protects the city of Emain Macha, as well as the Royal Family. Craig dislikes quitters and seems to only talk to those who are interested in Paladin training.

He is northwest of Emain Macha, specifically at the Paladin Training Ground. The classes he hosts begin at 9:00 AM and end at 5:00 PM.

In the beginning of Generation 2, you have to go to him for Paladin training. Later on, he sends you to investigate a threat to Lord Rian.

Even when you become a "true Paladin" and thus have a more advanced form Craig, he does not make any compliments.

Craig's EquipmentEdit

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