Description Edit

A defensive maneuver which the character stays on the spot and deflects melee attacks. This attack consumes SP as it is held, but does not release even if SP is depleted. The damage dealt to the enemy is 50% of their attack strength + 100% of your attack strength. Counter can only deflect melee attacks which targets the user, so ranged, magic attacks and WindMill would not block Counter Attack.

CounterAttack Damage increase with improved rank of skill

Hint: Charge CounterAttack IMMEDIATELY after a successful combo which hits an enemy down or away, you will have chance to counter

Hint: During PvP, when the charges AS they run to you it is a Smash, therefore they'll hurt themselves, you can either cancel your CounterAttack (as it consumes SP) and hit the enemy or remain in the position. If they charge the move while standing besides you it is a 'WindMill', therefore it is best to cancel CounterAttack and attack them normally.

Hint: CounterAttack can be camouflaged by Defence, as a non-moving Defence can look like CounterAttack, therefore caution must be taken while attacking

Skill vs Skill Edit

CounterAttack COUNTERS Normal Attacks

CounterAttack COUNTERS Smash

CounterAttack EQUALS Defence

CounterAttack COUNTERS Charge

CounterAttack COUNTERS Final Hit (Only 1st Hit)

Final Hit BREAKS CounterAttack

WindMill BREAKS CounterAttack

Stomp BREAKS CounterAttack

All Ranged Attacks BREAK CounterAttack

All Magic Attacks BREAK CounterAttack

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