Sharp Mind- Allows the player to see the skill enemies are using. Does not work in PVP.

Critical Hit- Increases the rate at which critical hits occur and increases the damage done by critical hits.

Combat Mastery- Increases damage done in melee combat. Adds HP and max/min damage.

Smash- An attack that bypasses defense and knocked an enemy down with high damage.

Defense- Blocks most attacks and reduces damage from them significantly.

Counterattack- Will reflect any melee attack done back at the attacker with added force.

Windmill- An AoE attack that can defeat many enemies at once. Takes 10% hp per use.

Evasion- A skill used to dodge ranged attacks. Must be timed well.

Charge- An attack meant for use against archers. The user will charge at the target at high speed, knocking the target down for 2 seconds. This will lower ranged attack damage considerably. This requires a shield for Humans and Elves, Giants are able to use it with anything but a ranged weapon.

Stomp- A giants only skill that has a simlar effect as windmill but with more limited range and no HP loss.

Wind Guard- A giant only skill that reduces damage considerably while allowing the user to not be knocked back.

Taunt- A giant only skill that allows the user make all monsters in range attack them.

Final Hit- A human-only skill that allows its user to attack continuously while dual wielding or to knock down an enemy with a single attack which can be done over and over. Only affects melee skills.

Final Shot- An elf-only skill which allows the user to cut down aiming time on ranged attack, thus increasing attack speed, and to teleport at will. Only affects ranged skills.

Ranged Attack- Increases damage done with ranged weapons and quickens aiming speed and accuracy.

Throwing attack- Giant-only skill that allows a giant to throw javelins at enemies. Has a 30 second cooldown per use.

Magnum Shot- Ranged equilavent of smash. Heavy damage and one shot knockdown. Has slower aiming speed than regular ranged attack.

Arrow Revolver- Human only skill that allows the user to stack 5 arrows at once, firing them all without having to load another until the 5.

Crash Shot- AoE attack that hits an enemy with an arrow and then spreads out and hits any surrounding enemies.

Support Shot- A ranged skill that allows the user to hit an enemy and not interupt the combo of another user attacking the enemy. Aims quicker than normal ranged attack and does 80% damage. Puts enemy into a weakened state and makes the next melee attack deal exponentially more damage.

Mirage Missile- Elf-only ranged skill that allows the user to hit an enemy with an arrow that incurs a poison-like effect which will drain its HP over time.

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