This article is about Wand Chain Casting. For the Chain casting used by monsters, see Chain Casting (Monster).
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Details Edit

  • Chain Casting is a passive ability which allows one equipped with an upgraded or Spirit Wand to charge multiple charges of a spell at once.
  • When casting, the amount of mana used will depend on how many charges are to be cast.
    • If you have cast 4 charges and chain cast 2 or more charges, you will only lose mana for the cost of 1 charge.
    • If you have no charges and chain cast 2 or more charges, you will lose mana for every charge casted.[1][2]
  • When Chain Casting, you may chain cast various amounts of charges, depending on your wand's chain cast level.[3]
    • A maximum of +4 charges may be chain cast at any one time.
    • Chain casting will not allow one to chain cast advanced magic skills.
  • Your upgraded or Spirit Wand will only allow chain casting of that wand's element.
  • Spirit Wands will gain 1 Chain Cast for every 5 Social Levels until it reaches level 21 and +4 Chain Casting Ability.

Notes Edit

  1. There is a glitch where you are allowed to chain cast as many bolts as your wand allows with the mana cost of 1 charge. For example, with a current MP of 1, you may chain cast rank F Icebolt up to 4 times without using additional mana.
  2. When chain casting Icebolt, the MP cost of all charges will be based on the charge you are currently casting. For example, if you have chain casting +4 and you currently have no charges, you will pay the full mana cost for all five charges instead of each charge getting progressively cheaper.
  3. If you have a wand with chain casting on it, you will always cast the number of charges equal to 1 + the wand's chain casting level. As long as the wand has chain casting and is the right element, you will always chain cast, there is no chance involved.

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