• Skills require Ability Points (AP) to rank them up and become stronger.
    • There are a max of 16 ranks for each skill. Some skills do not have this many.
    • The ranks are labelled from Novice to F to A, then from 9 to 1, with Novice being the lowest rank and 1 being the highest rank.
    • In order to rank up a skill, you must complete at least 100 points worth of that ranks training requirements. Training the skill more than that merely increases the bonus exp you get upon rank up.
  • Skills are subdivided into different categories based on type. The main types are:
    • Combat --- these skills have a red background in your skill window.
    • Magic --- these skills have a blue background in your skill window.
    • Life --- these skills have a gold background in your skill window.
  • Other skills:
    • Actions --- technically skills, however, they require no AP and do not rank up, these have a green background and are accessible from the "Actions" window.
    • Transformation --- these skills require level-ups instead of AP to rank up; see the appropriate skill page for more information.
    • Alchemy --- these skills have a red and orange colored background. Many Alchemy skills require a cylinder to use.

If you want to see a list of all skills, see Skill List.

For a comparison of the AP needed for each skill, and the stat it boosts, go here.

For skills that aren't implemented yet, go to Category:Future Skills.

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