There are currently four types of magic shields in the U.S. version of mabinogi:

Natural Magic Shield

Ice Magic Shield

Fire Magic Shield

Lightening Magic Shield

The player must first obtain rank F of natural magic shield before being able to obtain any other types of Magic Shields. In order to obtain the skill Natural Magic Shield, the player must obtain the magic shield keyword from the rafting mini-game. The different ways of obtaining this keyword are:

Hit a hobogoblin casting a green shield with an arrow, bolt, or javelin

Hit a hobogoblin casting a blue shield with ice bolt or ice spear

Hit a hobogoblin casting a white shield with lightening or thunder

Hit a hobogoblin casting a red shield with firebolt or fireball

Be warned you can not steer and use any skills at the same time

However, if you steer when you are ten years old you will gain a special title

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