For the NPC, see Butler (NPC).
For the female counterpart, see Maid.
For the commerce counterpart, see Commerce Partner.

Basic InformationEdit

Butler (Partner) 1 Life 350 Str 80 Butler (Partner) 2
Mana 40 Int 60
Stam 90 Dex 60
Base Dmg  ?-? Will 60
Wound %  ?%-?% Luck 40
Critical  ?% Defense 0
Balance  ?% Protection 2%
Summon Time 180 Min Exp % 25% Speed Rating Average
Bag Size 60 (6 × 10) Enemy None Cost 17,900 NX
Attack Speed Normal Hits 3
Special Ability

♦ Can be customized like a normal human character.
♦ Can be additionally customized by height, weight, body proportions, and personality.
♦ Comes equipped with Butler Outfit, Butler Gloves, and Butler Shoes.
♦ Can be spoken to along with various commands. See here for more information.
♦ Also comes with 5 Partner Stat Training Tools

Limited Web Shop availability:

July 6th, 2012 ~ July 27th, 2012 January 30th, 2013 ~ February 6th, 2013


You called?

I shall follow you as your loyal butler through thick and thin. But before we go into the next dungeon... Would you care for some tea?

Give your Partner a carriage or a broom, and he will chauffeur you over land and through the air. Though he starts as your servant, in time he may grow to be a dear friend.

You can customize his appearance to your heart's content, from hairstyle and face to build. Have long chats with your Partner, gather items with him, and have him cook for you. You can even train your Partner to improve his stats and skills.

Show you care by talking to him, giving him gifts, or going on quests with him, and he'll be a loyal companion. Give him equipment or outfits to wear, and he'll put them on with pride.

Your butler will follow you to the ends of the earth! What kind of Fantasy Life would this be without a butler to call your own? Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind friend!

So, which butler will you call your companion? The mysterious man of few words? The cheerful bard? The cocky fighter?



Companion BonusEdit



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