...Belvast, the land of opportunity of danger.
There, all stories begin and end.


—Prologue of The Merchant of Venice

Belvast Island, also known as Belfast Island, is an Island located between Uladh and Iria, divided into three parts: the Commonwealth of Belvast, the Beach of Scathach, and the Tory Ravine. It can be reached by the ship in Port Cobh or Continent Warp.

It is known that Belvast Island is surrounded by powerful ocean waves; not many boats had survived the powerful impacts created by the water.

Belvast Island is known to host the wealthiest merchants. Additionally, non-violent Fomorian OgresGoblins, and Imps live within Belvast Island, peacefully co-existing with Humans while introducing the Commerce.

Fifty years ago, Belvast Island was populated by a band of pirates, who kidnapped children and enslaved them. One of the slaves was Ascon. Many years later after Ascon's kidnapping, Admiral Owen led an assault on Belvast Island by using Hot-Air Balloons and was victorious within three days, freeing Ascon from slavery.


Belvast World Map

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