Aodhan is A warrior who rests in Emain Macha.

He is also a guard whom serves the lord of Emain previously Rian but after a necromancer named Eras had used her sexual control over him, he lost control and she took over!

This relates to Aodhan's many affairs with Eras, He often got drunk and slept with her and Rian night after night. Did i mention he was asian! Yes an asian which automatically means he is a bisexual ofcourse! Aodhan had wrote a vow to himself, He promised that he would stop these flings and become a knight of light. But little did he know a she male named Mhay would conquer the legend of the knight of light and gain control of Emain. Many of Mhay's previous followers were outraged. One in particular was young frodo Also known as Lynl. ==== ====She was a stubborn one, with strange ways of wanting to show off her lame skills of epic failure. As the legend who shall not be named rode passed her in Tir Na Nog. She aggroed a harmless worm for her own selfish desire to show off to the legend. It resulted in a poorly slayen worm and a pissed aff dingo. The dingo then aggroed Lynl and she was slayen. This story is a direct reference to the "Midden" title that Aodhan holds As Lynls performance with the dingo was a sheer midden! ====

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