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Albey Dungeon is a subterranean maze located in Tir Chonaill of Another World. The name could be taken from Manx, where it means Scotland, or could be derived from the Gaelic Ailbhe, name of a heroine of legend. Its monsters starkly differ from those that appear in Alby Dungeon, both in form and strength. The dungeon consists of seven dungeons, three of which are critical in the completion of the Generation 1 storyline.


General InfoEdit

Drop Item: Any Item Number of Floors: 2 Visible Floors: 2


  • Regular Spawns
    • Black Town Rat
    • Blue Snake
    • Brown Snake
    • Country Rat
    • Flying Sword
    • Goblin
    • King Mimic
    • Meek Bat
    • Rat Man
    • Sickle Laghodessa
    • Spike Laghodessa
    • Vampire Bat
    • Werewolf
    • White Snake
    • Young Goblin
  • Boss
    • Light Gargoyle x6

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