Race Human
Gender Unknown
Age Unknown
Occupation Healer
Location Emain Macha
Part-time Job Healer's House

6AM - 3PM

Earliest report time: 9AM

Repair None
Her dark eyes are full of innocence, and shine on her pale white face. Her green hair is neatly tied in a double pony-tail which gives off a sense of calmness. She is dressed in a stylish white and yellow Healer dress. As she becomes aware of us, she smiles and turns my way with her hands folded together.


Agnes is a beautiful Healer NPC from Emain Macha. She has dark blue eyes that are full of innocence and dark bluish-green hair in twin tails. The green is comparable to a calm forest, giving her a gentle energy. Agnes is wearing a green and white Ailionoa's Healer Dress and greenish-blue Ella's Strap Boots. Her beauty is known to convince men to feign injury just to have a reason to see her.

Favorite Gifts Edit

Shop Edit

Agnes sells average Healer's House items, all of which are consumable. Her shop has separate sections titled "Potions," "First Aid Kits," and "Etc."

Potions First Aid Kits Etc.
Item Price Item Price Item Price
Base Potion 150g Bandage (10) 500g Hot Spring Ticket 5,000g
HP 10 Potion 50g Bandage (20) 1,000g Hot Spring Ticket (5) 25,000g
Stamina 10 Potion 50g Phoenix Feather (10) 1,000g
Marionette 30 Potion 75g Phoenix Feather (20) 2,000g
Marionette 30 Potion (10) 750g Pet First-Aid Kit 2,000g
Marionette 30 Potion (20) 1,500g Marionette Repair Set (10) 3,000g
Marionette 50 Potion 125g Marionette Repair Set (20) 6,000g
Marionette 50 Potion (10) 1,250g Fine Marionette Repair Set (10) 5,000g
Marionette 50 Potion (20) 2,500g Fine Marionette Repair Set (20) 10,000g
HP 30 Potion 140g
HP 30 Potion (10) 1,400g
HP 30 Potion (20) 2,800g
Stamina 30 Potion 140g
Stamina 30 Potion (10) 1,400g
Stamina 30 Potion (20) 2,800g
MP 10 Potion 150g
MP 30 Potion 420g
MP 30 Potion (10) 4,200g
MP 30 Potion (20) 8,400g
Potion Concoction Kit 1,000g

Secret Shop Edit

Part-Time Job Edit

Like many other Healers, Agnes allows the player to earn rewards through taking on a part-time job. Upon accepting a part-time job from her, she will ask the player to accept a quest and bring her specific items before a certain time which, in this case, is 3PM. The quest Agnes asks the player to complete depends on the day and the "difficulty" of the part-time job. The player can increase the "difficulty" by completing a specific amount of part-time jobs with Agnes.

Part-time jobs Agnes offers: Edit

Basic Part-Time Jobs Intermediate Part-Time Jobs Advanced Part-Time Jobs
Task Rewards Task Rewards Task Rewards

Dialogue Edit

Trivia Edit

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